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Technical Strength


Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on taking science and technology as the guide, taking the market as the guide, focusing on investment in research and development, striving to improve the enterprise's independent innovation ability and speeding up its development.


In order to give full play to the enthusiasm of the scientific and technical personnel, the company has applied for the establishment of a science and technology association, and has also established long-term cooperation with provincial and foreign universities, research units and large state-owned enterprises.


The company uses modern motor design theory, adopts professional design software and the special design program for permanent magnet motors developed by itself, makes simulation calculations for electromagnetic field, fluid field, temperature field and stress field of permanent magnet motors, optimizes the magnetic circuit structure, improves the energy efficiency level of motors, solves the difficulty of replacing bearings and demagnetization of permanent magnets in the field of large permanent magnet motors, and fundamentally ensures the reliable use.


The company's technology centre has more than 40 R&D staff, divided into three departments: design, technology and testing, specialising in product development, design and process innovation. After 15 years of technology accumulation, the company has the ability to develop a full range of permanent magnet motors, and the products cover various industries such as steel, cement and mining, and can meet the needs of various working conditions of equipment.

Electromagnetic field simulation and optimisation

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Efficiency map
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Mechanical stress simulation

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After-Sales Service


The company has formulated the "Management Measures for Feedback and Disposal of Aftersales Motors", which specifies the responsibilities and authorities of each department, as well as the feedback and disposal process of after-sales motors.


During the warranty period, we are responsible for free repair and replacement of any defects, malfunctions, or component damage caused by non normal operation of the equipment by the buyer's personnel; After the warranty period, if the parts are damaged, the provided accessories will only be charged at cost.