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Permanent magnet motors are widely used in industry.

Motors are the source of power in the industrial field and occupy a significant position in the global industrial automation market. They are also widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, coal, building materials, paper making, municipal government, water conservancy, mining, shipbuilding, harbor, nuclear energy and other fields.

Rare earth permanent magnet motors have the advantages of low loss and high efficiency compared with ordinary motors.


Experts say:

Rare earth permanent magnet motors for industrial use, the future growth rate may exceed expectations.

The state encourages carbon neutrality, so there are certain requirements for the carbon emissions of electricity consumption of many enterprises. Many enterprises in order to meet the requirements, began to replace a large number of ordinary motors with rare earth permanent magnet motors to reduce energy consumption. Some permanent magnet motor companies this year’s orders than last year’s seven or eight times, far more than expected.

China’s industrial energy efficiency of motors to improve a percentage point, the annual electricity savings of 26 billion kilowatt-hours. Through the promotion of high-efficiency motors and energy-saving transformation of the motor system, etc., can improve the efficiency of the motor system as a whole 5 to 8 percentage points. According to experimental data, the cost invested in adopting new equipment will be returned in two years in the form of electricity savings. And in the following time the enterprise can enjoy the new equipment to bring long-lasting benefits. The significance of choosing new equipment is even more obvious when the contribution to energy saving and emission reduction itself is taken into account. As key energy-consuming units in the industrial sector, electromechanical equipment plays a pivotal role in the implementation of resource-saving initiatives. Energy efficient motors are usually rare earth permanent magnet motors.

Although rare-earth permanent magnet motors are much more expensive than ordinary motors, they can pay for themselves in 1-2 years of electricity savings, and can also effectively reduce carbon emissions. In the downstream iron and steel mills, cement plants, mining enterprises, the use of rare earth permanent magnet motors, the lower can save 5%, the higher about 30%.

Under the dual-control policy of energy consumption, to reduce the electricity load, many enterprises have to reduce production by 10-30%, but if they switch to rare earth permanent magnet motors, they can be in full production. Some iron and steel, coal enterprises, cement plants, chemical plants, large equipment mixers, water treatment plants gradually replace asynchronous motors with permanent magnet synchronous motors.



The efficiency of MINGTENG permanent magnet synchronous motors can reach the advanced level of similar products in the world, and the IE5 energy efficiency grade helps enterprises to achieve the purpose of energy saving, consumption reduction and production increase. The complete R&D and production team is the basis for providing high quality permanent magnet motors, and at the same time, we can also provide customers with intelligent and customized services.


Post time: Nov-20-2023