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TBVF series mining explosion-proof frequency conversion three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (660/1140V H450-1000)

Short Description:

This series of products is designed according to Q/MT001-2017 “Mining Explosion-proof Inverter Speed Control Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor”, with water-cooled structure, protection grade IP55, class F insulation, S1 working duty. The explosion-proof mark is Ex db I Mb.

Product Detail

Product description

This series of products is a direct-drive motor, rated voltage 660/1140V, powered by inverter, can directly meet the requirements of load speed and torque, eliminating the linkage of gearbox and buffer mechanism in the transmission system, fundamentally overcoming the various drawbacks of induction motor plus gear reducer transmission system, with high transmission efficiency, good starting torque performance, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise, safe and reliable operation, installation, It has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, good starting torque performance, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise, safe and reliable operation, installation and maintenance costs, etc.
The series of products are complete with Conformity Certificate Of Explosion-poof, Safety Certificate Of Opproval For Mining Products, and China Compulsory Certification.

Product features

1. Eliminate the gearbox and hydraulic coupling. shorten the transmission chain. there is no problem of oil leakage and refuelling. low mechanical failure rate. high reliability.
2. Customised electromagnetic and structural design according to the equipment. which can directly meet the speed and torque requirements needed by the load;
3. Low starting current and low temperature rise. eliminating the risk of demagnetisation;
4. eliminating the transmission efficiency loss of gearbox and hydraulic coupling. the system has high efficiency. high efficiency and energy saving. Simple structure. low operating noise and low daily maintenance costs;
5. The rotor part has a special support structure. which enables the bearing to be replaced on site. eliminating the logistics costs required for returning to the factory;
6. Adopting direct drive system of permanent magnet synchronous motor can solve the problem of "big horse pulling small cart". which can meet the requirement of wide load range operation of the original system. and improve the overall efficiency of the system. with high efficiency and energy saving;
7. Adopt vector frequency converter control. speed range 0-100% motor starting performance is good. stable operation. can reduce the matching coefficient with the actual load power.



Product Application

The series products are widely used in underground coal mines to drag various equipment such as fans, pumps and belt machines.

ex direct drive permanent magnet motor

direct drive permanent magnet motor for belt machine

direct drive EX permanent magnet motor

belt machine permanent magnet motor

low speed EX pmsm

low speed permanent magnet motor


What are the key points of direct drive motor selection?
1. On-site operating mode:
Such as load type, environmental conditions, cooling conditions, etc.
2. Original transmission mechanism composition and parameters:
Such as the nameplate parameters of the reducer, interface size, sprocket parameters, such as tooth ratio and shaft hole.
3. Intent to remodel:
Specifically whether to do direct drive or semi-direct drive, because the motor speed is too low, you must do closed-loop control, and some inverters do not support closed-loop control. In addition the motor efficiency is lower, while the motor cost is higher, the cost-effective is not high. The enhancement is the advantage of reliability and maintenance-free.
If cost and cost-effectiveness are more important, there are some conditions where a semi-direct-drive solution may be appropriate while ensuring reduced maintenance.
4. Controlling demand:
Whether the inverter brand is mandatory, whether the closed loop is required, whether the motor to the inverter communication distance should be equipped with an electronic control cabinet, what functions should the electronic control cabinet have, and what communication signals are required for remote DCS.

What is the main difference between the losses of permanent magnet motors of the same size compared to asynchronous motors?
Low stator copper consumption, low rotor copper consumption and Low rotor iron consumption.

Product Parameter

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