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TYKK Series High Voltage Super High Efficiency Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(10kV H355-1000)

Short Description:

The efficiency index of this series of products reaches the level 1 standard of GB30254-2013 “High-voltage Three-phase Cage Asynchronous Motor Functional Efficiency Limiting Value and Energy Efficiency Grade”,¬†Achieve the international advanced level of similar products.

Product Detail

Product description

This 3 phase permanent magnet synchronous motor is TYKK air-air cooled, ingress protection class IP55, insulation class F, S1 working duty. Other protection classes and cooling methods can be provided according to customer needs.
The rated frequency is 50Hz, the rated voltage is 10kV, self-starting and can also be started by frequency converter.
The series has a higher efficiency and wider economic operating range than asynchronous motors of the same size within a load range of 25%-120%, with significant energy saving effects and a low motor temperature rise of 40-60K under rated load.
This series of products can completely replace YYKK, YKS and other series of high-voltage asynchronous motors, but also according to user needs, to improve the power density, special design.

Product features

1. High motor power factor. high grid quality factor. no need to add power factor compensator. the capacity of substation equipment can be fully utilised;
2. permanent magnet motor is permanent magnet excitation. synchronous operation. there is no speed pulsation. During dragging fans. pumps and other loads do not increase the pipeline resistance loss;
3. according to the needs of permanent magnet motor can be designed into high starting torque (more than 3 times). high overload capacity. so as to solve the phenomenon of "big horse pulling small cart";
4. the reactive current of ordinary asynchronous motors is generally about 0.5 to 0.7 times the rated current. Mingteng permanent magnet synchronous motors do not require excitation current. the difference between reactive current permanent magnet motors and asynchronous motors is about 50%. the actual running current is about 15% lower than that of asynchronous motors;
5. the motor can be designed to start directly. the shape and installation size is the same as the current widely used asynchronous motor. can fully replace the asynchronous motor.

Product Applications

The series products are widely used in various equipments such as fans. pumps. compressors belt machines refining machines in electric power, water conservancy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, mining and other fields.

TYKK 10KV (1)(1)

TYKK 10KV (3)(1)

TYKK 10KV (4)(1)

permanent magnent motor

TYKK 10KV (7)

TYKK 10KV (9)

TYKK 10KV (10)

TYKK 10KV (10)


What is the principle of permanent magnet synchronous motors?
In short, the working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor is: the inverter outputs rotating current to form a rotating magnetic field in the stator, which attracts the rotor (embedded with permanent magnets) to rotate in the same direction and at the same speed, generating constant directional torque, thus doing work or generating electricity externally. When the stator magnetic field exceeds the rotor magnetic field, it is the stator that attracts the rotor to run and do work externally, and when the stator magnetic field lags behind the rotor sub-magnetic field, it is the stator that attracts the rotor in the direction opposite to the rotational speed and prevents it from running, thus realizing power generation.

What are the advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motors?
1.High motor power factor, high grid quality factor, no need to add power factor compensator;
2.High efficient with low energy consumption and high power saving benefits;
3.Low motor current, saving transmission and distribution capacity and reducing overall system costs.
4.The motors can be designed for direct starting and can fully replace asynchronous motors.
5.Adding the driver can realize soft start, soft stop, and infinitely variable speed regulation, and the power saving effect is further improved;
6.The design can be targeted according to the requirements of the load characteristics, and can directly face the end-load demand;
7.The motors are available in a multitude of topologies and directly meet the fundamental requirements of the mechanical equipment in a wide range and under extreme conditions; the
8.The aim is to increase system efficiency, shorten the drive chain and reduce maintenance costs;
9.We can design and manufacture low speed direct drive permanent magnet motors to meet the higher requirements of users.

Product Parameter

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    TYKK 10kv

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    TYKK 10kv


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    TYKK 10kv

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