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TYBCX Series Explosion-proof High-voltage Super-efficient Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (10kV H355-560)

Short Description:

The efficiency index of this series of products reaches the level 1 standard of GB30254-2013 “High-voltage Three-phase Cage Asynchronous Motor Functional Efficiency Limiting Value and Energy Efficiency Grade”, and reaches the China advanced level of similar products.

Product Detail

Product description

This series of products is designed according to Q/MT025-2019 "TYBCX series (10KV) high-voltage explosion-proof permanent magnet synchronous motor", with fully enclosed self-fan-cooling structure, protection grade IP55, class F insulation, S1 working duty. The explosion-proof type is Conformity Certificate Of Explorion-proof and the explosion-proof mark is Ex db IIB T4 Gb.
The rated frequency is 50 Hz, rated voltage 10 kV, self-starting capability and variable frequency starting. They have a higher efficiency and a wider economic operating range than asynchronous motors of the same size within a load range of 25% to 120%, with a significant energy saving effect. The temperature rise of the motor is low, 40-60K under rated load.
The series of products are complete with Conformity Certificate Of Explosion-poof and China Compulsory Certification.
This series of products can completely replace the YB2 series high-voltage explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor, and can also be specially designed according to customer requirements.

ex db permanent maget motor

Product features

1. High power factor of the motor. high quality factor of the grid. No need to add power factor compensator. The capacity of the substation equipment can be fully utilised;
2. permanent magnet motor is permanent magnet excitation. synchronous operation. there is no speed pulsation. in dragging fans. pumps and other loads do not increase the pipeline resistance loss;
3. according to the needs of permanent magnet motor can be designed into high starting torque (more than 3 times). high overload capacity, so as to solve the phenomenon of "big horse pulling small car";
4. the reactive current of ordinary asynchronous motors is generally about 0.5 to 0.7 times the rated current. Mingteng permanent magnet synchronous motors do not require excitation current. the difference between reactive current permanent magnet motors and asynchronous motors is about 50%. the actual running current is about 15% lower than that of asynchronous motors;
5. the motor can be designed to start directly. The shape and installation size is the same as the current widely used asynchronous motor, can fully replace the asynchronous motor.

Product Application

The series products are widely used in various equipment such as fans, pumps and belt machines in petrochemical, steel, aluminium processing, grain and oil, feed and other fields.

explosion proof permanent magnet motor

explosion-proof permanent magnet motor

belt conveyor motor explosion proof


Principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor and starting method?
As the stator rotating magnetic field speed is synchronous speed, while the rotor is at rest at the instant of starting, there is relative motion between the air gap magnetic field and the rotor poles, and the air gap magnetic field is changing, which cannot produce an average synchronous electromagnetic torque, i.e., there is no starting torque in the synchronous motor itself, so that the motor starts on its own.

In order to solve the starting problem, other methods must be taken, commonly used:
1.frequency conversion starting method: the use of frequency conversion power supply to make the frequency slowly rise from zero, the rotating magnetic field traction rotor slowly synchronous acceleration until it reaches the rated speed, starting is complete.
2.asynchronous starting method: in the rotor with a starting winding, its structure is like the asynchronous machine squirrel cage winding. Synchronous motor stator winding connected to the power supply, through the role of the starting winding, generating starting torque, so that the synchronous motor to start by itself, when the speed up to 95% of the synchronous speed or so, the rotor is automatically drawn into synchronization.

Classification of permanent magnet motors?
1.According to the voltage level, there are low-voltage permanent magnet motors and high-voltage permanent magnet motors.
2.According to the rotor structure type, it is divided into caged permanent magnet motor and cage-free permanent magnet motor.
3.According to the installation position of permanent magnet, it is categorized into surface-mounted permanent magnet motor and built-in permanent magnet motor.
4.According to the starting (or power supply) method, they are classified into direct-start permanent magnet motors and frequency-controlled permanent magnet motors.
5.According to whether explosion-proof, divided into ordinary permanent magnet motor and explosion-proof special permanent magnet motor.
6.According to the transmission mode, it is categorized into geared transmission (ordinary permanent magnet motor) and gearless transmission (low and high speed direct-drive permanent magnet motor).
7.According to the cooling method, it is divided into air-cooled, air-air-cooled, air-water-cooled, water-cooled, oil-cooled and so on.

Product Parameter

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    TYBCX 10KV

Mounting Dimension

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    TYBCX 10KV


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    TYBCX 10KV

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